Toxicology Consulting

Pharmaceutical and Toxicology Consulting Services, LHAMA Testing

Infotox offers top notch regulatory and toxicological consulting services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies. With years of concrete and world class expert with a vast range of experience in scientific and regulatory field, Infotox provides a number of solutions including toxicological issues, regulatory issues and complex development.

The Infotox Pharmaceutical and toxicology consulting services include:

  • Focus on your company’s goal by designing, testing and overall management of nonclinical testing programs including achieving Proof of Concept, First-in-Human trials etc.
  • GLP study monitoring
  • Pre marketing and post marketing toxicology consulting
  • Data review, interpretation, and positioning
  • Hazard detection and identification
  • Toxicology risk and safety assessments for toxic substances, leachables, excipients, extractables, impurities, etc.
  • Gap analysis and independent data reviews
  • Resolution of toxicology problems which includes interactions with regulatory authorities on your company’s behalf as well as preparation of “White papers”