Toxicology Consulting

The Experts for Pharmaceutical & Toxicology Consulting Services

As leaders in the field of toxicology risk assessment, we at InfoTox understand the importance of ensuring the safety and compliance of your products. That’s why our experts offer a range of pharmaceutical and toxicology consulting services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you need to achieve LHAMA (ASTM-D4236) certification, complete safety, and toxicological risk assessments, or conduct exposure assessments for California Prop-65 compliance, we can help. Our toxicology assessment expertise comes from years of experience in the scientific and regulatory fields—both in the United States and internationally. We take pride in our ability to provide top-notch services to a wide range of clients across the globe, from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to medical device manufacturers and beyond.

Our Services

In addition to LHAMA review art materials testing and other regulatory consulting, we provide services like:  
  • Designing, Testing, & Managing Nonclinical Testing Programs (Proof of Concept, First-in-Human Trials, Etc.)
  • GLP Study Monitoring
  • Pre-Marketing & Post-Marketing Toxicology Consulting
  • Data Review, Interpretation, & Positioning
  • Hazard Detection & Identification
  • Toxicology Risk & Safety Assessments (Toxic Substances, Leachables, Excipients, Extractables, Impurities, Etc.)
  • Gap Analysis & Independent Data Reviews
  • Toxicology Problem Resolution (Regulatory Authority Interactions, White Paper Preparation, Etc.)

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